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Discover the true taste of South Italian and Mediterranean fare,
blended with the best local ingredients Thailand has to offer


OTTO Italian Restaurant offer a taste of Southern Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, which allows guests to discover the true taste and feel of the South Italy region together with the best local ingredients Thailand has to offer. Our inviting atmosphere is the perfect complement to our tasty cuisine, and we can't wait to share it with you!


Enjoy   the   quality

Anywhere you find OTTO, you will find passion translated into action. From our dishes to our cooking techniques and service, we strive to deliver an unforgettable experience.


This dedication to tradition shows through in the otto's commitment to presenting traditional flavor combinations and cooking techniques. allows us to stay true to the essence of Southern Italian cuisine.

Freshness of Local Ingredients

OTTO Incorporating local ingredients from each part of Thailand into Italian cooking in order to add depth, authenticity, and creativity to OTTO menus.

It is simply a fusion of cultures and the freshness of locally unique ingredients.

Mediterranean Technique

otto offer a menu that combines the classic flavors of Southern Italian cuisine with modern twists and innovative Mediterranean cooking techniques. Our guests can expect a unique experience that pays homage to tradition while exploring new flavors.


At OTTO, we are thrilled to provide a hearty service that not only complements our food but also creates a good vibe to accompany our guests home. Our team is all about making sure you have an unforgettable dining experience.  Join us for a meal that will leave you feeling satisfied, happy, and eager to come back for more!

Free Parking

Free parking at Fl.4
MUU Bangkok hotel.
Dine hassle-free.

Hearty Service

Our aim is simply to leave guests satisfied long after they leave.


OTTO have a great wine list, but we are also happy to offer corkage service for BYOW.


OTTO 1440x1080.jpg


11th floor,
MUU BANGKOK Hotel Thonglor Soi 8


02 090 9000


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